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How to uninstall McAfee antivirus in windows 10

why you want to uninstall McAfee antivirus ?, McAfee antivirus is an excellent security program to protect computers, laptops, and mobiles from malicious attacks possible on the internet. However the security program can slow down your devices and prevent you from leveraging their resources; In such cases, what you need to do is uninstall the security from your devices. Due to the old version issue in antivirus or any kind of other problem in McAfee antivirus, You are in need of uninstalling your existing virus protector software; then just uninstall it by using these 3 methods; which are discussing below.

Steps to Un-install McAfee Internet Security or Antivirus Software:

Just read the article carefully and uninstall it by yourself; otherwise, there are so many technicians in the market; who will do the same work on your behalf.

Uninstall McAfee on a Windows Computer

● Log into your Mcafee account:

●Visit the Mcafee homepage and click the My Account button; Enter your email address and password to log; into your Mcafee account.

●Deactivate the computer license: See the list of computers registered in your account on the My Account page. Select the computer you would like to deactivate. Click the Deactivate button in the Details section of the computer.

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●Go to Control Panel and Uninstall: Navigate to Control Panel on your Windows computer. In Control Panel, select the Programs option. Follow the Uninstall wizard to uninstall Mcafee antivirus. To uninstall the antivirus,

select System > Apps & Features. Then select McAfee Internet Security > Uninstall.

Uninstall McAfee on a Mac computer

●Log into your Mcafee account: Visit the Mcafee homepage and log into your account by entering the email and password.

●Deactivate the computer license: Go to the My Account page and view the list of computers registered with the account. Select the tab of the computer for which you would like to deactivate the license. Locate and click the Deactivate button in the Details section of the computer.

●Go to the Applications folder: Navigate to Finder and then select Applications; If you are not able to locate Applications in the Finder window, locate the applications in the spotlight in the top right corner of Finder.

●Run the Mcafee Internet Security uninstaller: Locate and launch the Mcafee Internet Security folder. Run the Mcafee Internet Security uninstaller. Choose the Uninstall SiteAdvisor checkbox and click the Continue button.

●Authorize the uninstallation: Enter the admin password of your Mac computer, and click the OK button. Click the Finish button, and reboot the system.

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Uninstalling McAfee antivirus using MCPR

●Download the MCPR tool: Visit the Mcafee website and download the MCPR tool. Once downloaded; save the tool to a separate folder.

●Run the tool: Run the .exe file you downloaded. Follow the prompts appearing on the screen and click Next.

● Restart the computer: Restart the computer once you have received the success; message of the program removal. Restarting is necessary to remove the program completely from the system.

I think now you can easily uninstall your McAfee antivirus from your system, with all these methods and now use the updated version of the antivirus and use your system, phone or laptop insecure manner. If you have any kind of issues while setting or activate the McAfee antivirus; Then search for your query in Google

How to uninstall McAfee antivirus in windows 10


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