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How to install the dell printer in your pc?

Installing a Dell printer can be fun for the ones who are aware of its installation steps. But the ones who are not really knowledgeable about installing a printer should cut a sorry figure when they have to install their Dell printers and they are not having the right knowledge to do so.

How to install?

Here are some important steps to know as to how to install the Dell printer in the right manner:-

●Identify that your printer uses a serial port connection, LPT and USB

●Determine the type of cable which you need

●Find out the model of your printer

●Print a test print by clicking the power button

●Hook up the cables

●Enable your computer to search for suitable drivers

●Find out the driver of your printer with the help of the site of the manufacture and also by pressing on the drivers

●Plugin the USB cable

●Your PC will see the drivers automatically and will begin downloading these drivers

●Many Dell printers have problems in configuring their Dell printers which can be easily done by following the steps defined below:-

●Press Menu

●Now Press down arrow to see List/Report

●Press the Check option in the middle

●Press the down arrow when you see printer setting

●Now again press the check option

Just follow these steps and install Dell printer so that you can easily print your work when it requires so,

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How to uninstall?

users are also having difficulties in uninstalling these printers. If you are the one who needs information about How to uninstall a Dell printer?

Then you can get the help of the below-mentioned steps to uninstall your Dell printers:-

●Click on Control Panel

●Click on Add/Remove Programs icon

●Locate your Dell printer in the installed programs list and click it for highlighting it

●Click Add/Remove uninstall button

●Now you are done with uninstalling your Dell printer

By obtaining these right steps, you can easily remove the issues which are faced by you in your Dell printers.


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