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How to download and setup McAfee antivirus?

It is extremely essential to protect your system from Antivirus. McAfee antivirus is the best choice, it is obvious you have opted for it. However, to set it up might be an issue for you. How to setup McAfee Antivirus?

The following articles talk about the ways for McAfee Antivirus Setup Process.

McAfee antivirus free

●  At first, you need to read as well as print the instructions once before installing the McAfee Anti-Virus programs.

●  Some programs usually tend to conflict with the McAfee Virus Scan. If your system comprises of any other anti-virus program, then at first you need to remove the program before its installation.

●  Then you need to copy the installation software of the anti-virus to the PC.

●  In case when you are using Internet Explorer, you will soon see a screen popping up. However, if you are using the Mozilla browser, you will soon see a screen appearing.

●  Click on the option of Save it to disk while; you depend on a browser that you use.

●  When necessary; you need to click OK.

●  This further gets followed by; Save As dialogue box.

●  We suggest you save a file on the desktop of the computer; If you need to navigate right to the desktop, then you need to click on the downward triangle present in Save inbox while highlighting the Desktop icon. Then you click on the Save option.

●  If you further see the appearance of a dialog box that says Download; complete, go forward with click on the Close button if it gets necessary.

●  When the file has been downloaded in a successful manner you need to; close the web browser while looking forward to an icon.

●  When the Self-Extractor of Winzip finishes, it automatically installs; the program of VirusScan.

●  On seeing the message ‘McAfee VirusScan Setup completed successfully; go forward and click OK.

●  You will further notice a batch; screen which lets you know that McAfee; is being installed while the virus definitions are being installed.

●  To complete the installation process, you need to further reboot the computer; You need to hit any key; while you are; asked Press any key to continue

●  The computer then restarts;

●  You must further run a manual scan; after the installation process.

●  You can delete the icon; after the completion.

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The following are the most common issues while setup of McAfee antivirus along with the solutions which arise while installing the antivirus.

Issue: The software tries to automatically get connected; with the McAfee site for getting the product; registered. The program, however, fails to connect. Even after the program is been; launched it does not function.

solution: you need to update the operating system.

Issue: The Security Center does not open while opening a white blank screen. The users also tend to see an error in Java.

Solution: This might be caused due to an incorrect; key of the registry which references the script. The following steps help to solve the problem. Following is a step by step solution for the above issues.

●  Save any kind of work. The script further asks you to reboot the computer; while it is completed.

●  Then click on the link in order to save; the specified file to the desktop.

●  Then you need to unzip that file that has been downloaded while saving mcscriptfix.bat; to the desktop.

●  Then right-click on mcscriptfix .bat while selecting Run; as administrator.

●  Further, click on Yes in the; account control box when prompted.

●  When the script keeps running, a window of DOS; opens on the screen.

●  While you get prompted to Press; any key to continue to click inside the window while pressing any key.

●  The last step is to restart; the computer.


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