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Is Windows Defender Better Than Avast Antivirus?

Is Windows Defender Better Than Avast antivirus?

You can choose between tons of antivirus software. Since the security of your computer is paramount, you cannot believe a low-quality security system. Therefore, we are becoming to match the two hottest antivirus software programs called Avast and Windows. Read on to know more.

An Introduction to Windows Defender

Windows Defender Antivirus aka Windows Defender is a sort of anti-malware program which is a part of Windows. The program scans new files as soon as you access them on your PC. Therefore, you don’t need to launch the software to scan new files to ensure that they are free from viruses and malware.

An introduction to Avast antivirus

Avast is on the list of hottest optional antivirus programs. These days, there are over 438 million users of this program in around 180 countries. You can install Avast on your laptop or Windows PC free of charge for cover against cyber-threats, viruses, and malware. It also provides a paid version.

Security-Related Features

As far as security measures are concerned, Windows Defender has all the essential features you would like. It can protect your system in real-time and also provides a built-in firewall.

On the other hand, Avast comes with advanced security measures, like boot-time scan, full scan, and smart scan. Also, the Wifi-Inspector feature allows you to spot suspicious WiFi networks which will cause harm to your computer.

The Gaming Mode, Rescue Disk and Password management are some other great features that this app offers.

Resource Consumption

With each Antivirus, you’ll enjoy real-time protection while spending minimal resources. Although Avast uses a lot of resources, it offers much higher security comparatively.


Comparatively, the user interface of Windows Defender is a lot easier to grasp and navigate. On the opposite hand, the UI of Avast is decent but a little complex. Also, Avast shows ads that encourage you to opt for the paid version. So, this can be a little annoying. In other words, Windows Defender provides a far better UI than Avast antivirus.


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Features: Features: As far as features are concerned, Avast is that the best. Windows Defender offers only basic features that you simply can find in almost any popular antivirus. Avast offers advanced features that can’t be found in Windows Defender.

Resource consumption: As far as Resource consumption is a concern, Avast may be a better deal. According to many tests, we can easily conclude that Avast is a lightweight software program.

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Protection: without a doubt, Avast offers far better protection against viruses and cyber threats.

UI: Windows Defender offers a way better UI than that of Avast antivirus. The good thing is that it’s easy to navigate between different features and settings. On the other hand, Avast features a bit complex UI.

The takeaway

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Based on the comparison we have made in this article, we can easily say that Avast antivirus is comparatively much much better than Windows Defender. Hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful in making the proper decision Just confirm that your computer comprises specified resources in order to run Avast antivirus.

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